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Sliding or Hinged?

So your looking for a new bespoke wardrobe? The first question i always ask my customers is if they are wanting a sliding door system or a traditional classic hinged.

They both have there own benefits, which are as follows -

Sliding. Sliding are viewed as a more modern option, which is true in many cases although we offer a wooden panelled sliding door which fits in with many traditional homes. The main benefit of sliding doors is when a customer is struggling for space in their bedroom, the bed is already filling most part of the room with little walk way around. This is where sliding can massively benefit. The reason being if this customer chose a hinged door, they wouldn't be able to fully open the door without it hitting the bed where as sliding obviously works a lot better in this situation.

Hinged. Hinged is a classic fitted wardrobe and in my opinion always looks the part. You have a lot of colour options and door styles with a hinged door so you have a lot more choice whether modern or traditional, there will always be a door to suit your home. We've noticed over the last few years a modern trend being a flat door either in a gloss or a matt finish, a lot of light greys and white colours look brilliant and you can add a contrast in the woodwork for a very modern finish. The other end of the spectrum is a classic traditional look (my personal favourite). The traditional fitted wardrobe tends to be a door with a bit more detailing, like a classic shaker or a style based upon this, a 4 panelled door and to add a touch of class we can add mirrors into the panels which can really change the whole look and bounce the lighting across the room. A massive benefit of choosing hinged doors is when your ceiling is angled, for example a loft bedroom. We carefully measure the angled and manufacture the doors to perfection to fit these angles.

So that basically sums up your choice of bespoke fitted wardrobes, we are always happy to offer our professional advice to see which would suit your home and work best for you.

Another benefit of a Hinged wardrobe with a TV built in on full show

A modern looking hinged wardrobe we recently designed and fitted in Dore, Sheffield. For this modern look we chose handless doors (doors with a lip to open instead of a traditional handle on the front) and a flat door with no detailing in a matt white finish. This looks amazing and at the same time a very practical example of a bespoke wardrobe, a flatpack wardrobe just wouldn't work in this example.

Another example of how hinged doors can benefit, our customer was struggling for space in a small bedroom and wanted to maximise the space they had. This is the design we came up with, some classic over the bed units and a diagonal corner wardrobe, maximising the space yet still feels spacious.

A modern mirrored sliding wardrobe we fitted in Chesterfield

A mix of greys and mirror on a sliding wardrobe

High gloss white glass with a mirrored centre to create a very modern look

If you wish to start designing the wardrobe of your dreams with Scribe Furniture please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom -

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