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Why a fitted Wardrobe?

Bespoke fitted wardrobes actually allow up to twice the amount of storage space. Freestanding wardrobes come in set sizes, leaving wasted space at the sides, above and behind.

The clever way we fit our wardrobes means that every millimetre of space behind the doors is utilised for maximum storage space from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, with a top shelf all the way across as standard.

Our bespoke wardrobes give you up to twice the space of free standing wardrobes.



High Ceilings - At Scribe Furniture we fit our wardrobes floor to ceiling. Usually if you have high ceilings its hard to find storage solutions that really appreciate the space where as our fitted wardrobes utilise every millimetre of space.

Alcoves - Free standing wardrobes leave a lot of wasted space in alcoves, especially when the alcoves aren't evenly sized.Our bespoke tailored wardrobes make the most out of every inch of space possible and look fantastic once fitted.

Angled - Sloping ceilings is really where our expertise shines brightly. Free standing wardrobes just do not work in awkward angled spaces and this can be a massive obstacle for your storage space.Scribe Furniture wardrobes are made to measure, meaning we craft them perfectly to the angle like in the picture you can see above. They are a thing of beauty.


If you would like us to help create the wardrobe of your dreams please feel free to contact us.

We are a family run business with a wealth of experience serving Chesterfield and the surrounding areas in Derbyshire and Sheffield.


Scribe Furniture

7 Newbold Road



S41 7PG


01246 297685


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